What is Ducky NFT?

DuckyPalace is the first Spanish clothing brand to enter the world of "non-fungible tokens", with the aim of transferring the brand's message to virtual collecting.

Its purpose is none other than to generate a small community of collectors, who have totally exclusive content.

Our Pipos are completely unique Tokens designed with each of the brand's garments. In addition to different characteristics and rarities.

Privileges of having a Pipo

Our Pipos represent the community of collectors that will enter the world of Ducky. In addition, owning a Pipo grants you unique brand privileges from exclusive items to completely private content for owners.


Our pipos have different rarities which makes some rarer than others. What determines his class are the clothes, funds and items he carries.

How to buy a Pipo?

Did you miss our sales opportunities? Fear not! We will make other releases. But if it's Pipos you're looking for now without the wait, you should be able to find them available on the secondary market on OpenSea.

How to sell a Pipo?

As a unique NFT that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, our Pipos can be traded and sold on OpenSea under the name DuckyPalace.


Visit our Discord to be informed of the entire Pipos community, as well as various information and tutorials about the world of NFT's.